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I am auditioning for a performing part in "Lion King Jr." and commit to attending after school rehearsals on (check all that apply, minimum of two):

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Code of Behavior

As a participant in the 5th grade musical production, I
agree to the following:

  • To accept the role assigned to me.
  • To attend all rehearsals for which I am called; if I cannot attend a rehearsal, I will notify the musical coordinator with an explanation. More than four missed rehearsals may result in removal from the cast.
  • To follow all school rules.
  • To keep current with all school assignments and responsibilities; to meet deadlines set by directors on learning lines, staging and musical numbers.
  • To be prompt in attending and being picked up from rehearsals.
  • To behave in a mature and responsible manner during all rehearsals and performances.
  • To be financially responsible for any scripts, costumes or props that are loaned to me.
  • To show respect for all other show participants including directors and parent volunteers.
  • To understand that non-compliance with these and all rules pertaining to the show could result in dismissal from the cast.
  • To attend all rehearsals from March 28th through April 20th, a.k.a. Tech Rehearsals

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